Thursday, June 26, 2014

New York Times labels conscientious Catholic clerics "noisy group"

Just what one would expect to see from the anti-Christian New York Times.  
Wonder how the journalist-cum-mind reader knows that the "flock" is not in step with what Fr.Andriy said.  Did the New York Times send out their pollsters to the members of the priest's congregation to come to that conclusion?  

In my opinion, and in the opinion of most decent folks I have come across, European countries were the first to make films and other materials on pedophilia and homosexuality... so YES, the statement Father Andriy made about Europe is spot on.

Andrew Higgins writing at NYTimes:
.....In a zealously nationalist region of Ukraine  that clamors to join Europe and bubbles with suspicion toward Russia, Father Andriy, a preacher at Our Lady of Everlasting Succor church, was defiantly out of step with the mood of his flock.

The European Union, he explained after a Sunday service, is an “empire of evil” committed to defying the word of God and to spreading homosexuality and pedophilia. As for antigovernment protesters who toppled President Viktor F. Yanukovych and are praised as heroes in this western corner of Ukraine, the priest sees only “Godless deviants” and “fools” who are “in the pay of hostile foreign powers.”

Such views, espoused by a small but noisy group of fundamentalist Catholic clerics in western Ukraine, are commonplace among the clergy of the Russian Orthodox Church and its Ukrainian affiliate, whose Moscow-based patriarch is a firm ally of President Vladimir V. Putin.

But they are remote from the traditional leanings of what is by far the largest religious denomination in western Ukraine, the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church. So much so, in fact, that many here suspect a Russian-backed maneuver to destroy a vital wellspring of Ukrainian nationalis.

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