Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Rand Paul: American foreign policy to blame for jihadist wonderlands

Senator Rand Paul said the most sensible thing that has ever come out from the mouth of a Republican senator and the warmongers in the USA go stark raving bonkers, especially Darth Cheney. Allen West too says something downright stupid which tells me now why he lost. From the last couple of interviews (one is at bottom of this post) Rand Paul has given, his chances of getting the top job in 2016 are looking good. However, if American voters are still hungry for yet more wars than they will not want him.

From RT:
United States Senator Rand Paul (R-Kentucky) says jihadist wonderlands are sprouting up abroad, and American foreign policy is to blame.

The possible 2016 presidential contender was discussing the escalating crisis in Iraq on camera with CNN host Candy Crowley over the weekend when he condemned the notion that the American military should intervene further.
According to the junior senator, other recent uprisings in the region that prompted a militarized response from the US only made matters worse and further fueled terrorist activities.

“We went into Libya and we got rid of that terrible Gadhafi. Now it is a jihadist wonderland over there,” Sen. Paul said. “There's jihadists everywhere.”
“If we were to get rid of Assad, it would be a jihadist wonderland in Syria. It's now a jihadist wonderland in Iraq, precisely because we got over-involved, not because we had too little involvement, but too much involvement,” Paul added........

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