Friday, November 15, 2013

The unelected lesbian premier of the province where a popular mayor cracks everybody up, wants to dethrone the rightfully elected mayor of Toronto

The stories in wild, wild, wild Toronto keep getting better and better.   

Besides smoking crack, getting blissfully drunk and committing a variety of other exotic sins,  Rob Ford has single-handedly put Toronto prominently on the world map. More importantly,  the citizens of the country south of us, now know more about  the Mayor of Toronto, including his name,  than they do about their own.  

What has the unelected premier of Ontario done?

As Sue-Ann Levy of the TorontoSun says: 
"her government is running on empty on the road to nowhere  — undisciplined, out of gas, out of steam, out of creative ideas and focussed only on winning another election judging from this ad and the many ways they’re trying to appease their “stakeholders” with cash gifts.....

So,  imagine a failed unelected premier of a failed Ontario Liberal govt. has the gall to: 

Robert Benzie writing at TorontoStar:
....Premier Kathleen Wynne has had enough of Rob Ford’s “truly disturbing” behaviour and is prepared to give Toronto city councillors “new tools” to deal with the defiant mayor.
Fed up with Ford, an admitted crack cocaine user who is under police investigation for his links to an accused drug dealer, Wynne took the extraordinary step Thursday of threatening to intervene.
The premier said she was willing to empower city council to sideline the mayor, with two key conditions.
Councillors, who meet Friday to discuss Ford’s fate, would have to formally request such action — and Progressive Conservative Leader Tim Hudak and NDP Leader Andrea Horwath would have to endorse any legislative changes......

We need a Zorro in Ontario.  Not to go after Rob Ford but to go after his critics.   Paging Zorro .... please come in Zorro, where are you Zorro?  Come in Zorro, the Liberals are killing us.  HELP!

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