Saturday, November 16, 2013

Insanity used as excuse, the act after

Like I have been saying again and again:  The loony bins are stock full with Muslim mental cases.  How much do you think this special nut will cost the UK taxpayers? When he was brought before a judge, there were FOUR mental health hospital personnel around him.  They don't come cheap. Then take into account all the meds, therapy, hospital stays (which might be forever) and you are probably looking at at least $10 - 15 M within the next decade of his lifetime.  Nice eh?!

On another note, lawyers representing Muslim criminals are always touting the same lines:  "My client was temporarily imbalanced" and "My client suffers from mental illness"   and "My client hears voices."

Lucy Crossley wrting at DailyMail:
Taxi driver 'on his way to kill David Cameron' was found with 950,000 volt stun gun, samurai sword, machetes and hammers in his car
Police found cache of weapons inside Irfaq Naz's Vauxhall Astra
Officers stopped the 34-year-old as he drove the wrong way down a road
Downing Street postode found in his Middlesbrough home
Naz banned from driving and will reside at mental health hospital
A cache of weapons including a 950,000 volt stun gun was discovered in the car of a taxi driver who said he was on his way to kill the Prime Minister, a court has heard.
Police also found  hammers, kitchen knives, a machete, an unsheathed Samurai sword and masking tape in Irfaq Naz's Vauxhall Astra, when he was stopped after going the wrong way down a north London street.
Officers later searched the 34-year-old's home in Middlesbrough and found the Downing Street postcode and the names of other prominent political figures........

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