Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Gossip and opinions

The obscene, foul-mouthed witch is back! 

Had a great time cruising the Bahamas.  Met a whole lot of Americans from different States.  Talked a lot with everybody.  Why are Americans so friendly and Canadians in general are like dead cold fish is something I will never get the hang of.  Every time I visit the USA I come back home hoping and wishing Canadians would be as open and friendly like our neighbours.  **Sigh**  

Okay ... here's what I gathered on the political situation down south.

Hillary Clinton is the hot favorite to occupy the WH after Obama.  Not only that, a couple of people who are into campaign running,etc. are of the strong opinion that after Hillary or after the next Prez,  Obama will be re-elected as a second-time Prez.  According to one other American, Obama is the best thing that's happened to the Democrats and they will cling to him for the party's successive future successes.  When I ventured to opine that there are strong Republican candidates like Rand Paul and Chris Christie, I was told that perhaps Christie stood a chance as he is more realistic on amnesty for illegal aliens.  When I ventured further to mention Sarah Palin,  I could only hear snorts, loud ones.  **sigh**

Met a Lebanese family who said that if not for Obama, Syria would be completely destroyed and we would have been in WW3.  I agreed with them on that and on several other issues we blah blah blah-ed about.

Met a woman who told me that Obamacare problems are not as bad as "some stupid people" are making it out to be. She said that the insurance paid by her employer on her behalf, which according to her was a bare basic, was close to $1500.  When she lost her job and the insurance ran out, she logged into the Obamacare website and was one of the first few thousands to access and register.  She opted for top notch care for the various ailments she has and her payments totalled a little over $600 ... less than half of what her employers paid for the lesser care she got previously.

As for the Middle East,  the Americans I spoke to don't give a rat's fart about any of the countries over there.  I sort of asked quiz questions and not one single American was able to answer accurately.  Whether you want to believe it or not, one woman thought that Greece cuts off hands for stealing... that went to show how little they know about Muslim countries.  My question about where's the tallest statue of Jesus got them either looking blank or saying it's in Brazil.  Loved the way their eyes popped wide when I said Syria.  Some said they didn't know there were Christians in Syria!!

Also met an attractive American-Afghan woman travelling with an American-Indian girl friend.  Would have liked to converse more with her but time and place didn't allow, although I did get to tell her that I cried when I read The Kite Runner and she said she did too. 

Tell you later about mutants I saw on the ship.  I was cruising with my generous fam member, the Know-it-All  Kia who kept telling me in angry whispers not to keep staring at the mutants.  But who doesn't  like freak shows, eh?

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