Thursday, November 28, 2013

Al Qaeda and Hezbollah are bosom friends and allies of the USA and UK

And, I am willing to bet that France, Germany, Canada, Australia and others already know of the "friendly" developments with these murderers and the governments of the USA and UK and have given their blessing. We, the ordinary people who are trampled on by our politicians knew that the Muslim  Bastardhood, plus terror groups with heavy Al Qaeda elements were being funded and armed by many of the Judas countries, but now we have to also live with yet another backstabbing from the scum we have elected to offices from where they pierce us with their missiles of betrayal.  You can add Hezbollah to the list of  terror groups our politicians are now joined at the hip with and see them enjoying every second of that unholy alliance.  

We are destined to be taken over by the cult of islam.  There's no escape.  Like a couple of Canadian bloggers who have given up blogging said to  me recently that they have done so because trying to fight the politicians is a lost cause.  Once they get to those high places they consider themselves to be gods.  We will never be able to control the influx of Muslims to Canada and neither will we be able to control the wildfire spread of islamic extremism in not only the Muslim population of Canada, but the contagion will also spread to non-Muslim communities, as we have already seen with the converts to islam, especially among the youth.

Sharona Schwartz writing at TheBlaze:
....Two Kuwaiti newspapers have reported that U.S. officials have been holding indirect secret talks with the Lebanese terrorist group Hezbollah over the past year, using Britain as a mediator.

Al-Rai on Wednesday quoted senior British government sources who said while British diplomats are engaging in direct talks with Hezbollah leaders over issues including the fight against Al Qaeda and other Middle East challenges, they are conveying information to the U.S.

The talks “are aimed at keeping tabs on the changes in the region and the world, and prepare for the upcoming return of Iran to the international community,” diplomatic sources in Washington told the Kuwaiti paper, according to the Jerusalem Post..........

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