Friday, November 8, 2013

Idiots at Salon have no clue what being a Libertarian means because Salon is clueless about Islam and Sharia

Dear Idiots at Salon: 
Watch the vid and ask yourselves if you want that clamped on your liberty?  If not,  you will oppose Islam and everything connected with it including those who facilitate its incubation in the USA.  Did you even stop to ask yourself why a Libertarian like Rand Paul would say the things he did?  Can Islam and Liberty go together or are the two like oil and water?  

Alex Seitz-Wald writing at Salon:
.....Why is Rand Paul running Muslim-baiting attack ads?  
The senator's fear-mongering isn't just morally repugnant. It's completely at odds with his libertarian principles.....
....But there’s one area where Paul’s self-described libertarian freedom agenda is trumped by the ugliest type of neoconservative fear-mongering: Muslim-baiting. RandPAC, Paul’s political committee, is spending hundreds of thousands of dollars attacking three Democratic senators for voting for foreign aid to Muslim countries. Paul introduced a bill to cut off foreign aid to Egypt, Pakistan and Libya.  While there are some totally valid arguments supporting his bill, instead of making them, the commercials go for the nastiest attack possible, essentially accusing Sens. Joe Manchin of West Virginia, Bill Nelson of Florida and Sherrod Brown of Ohio of siding with jihadis and terrorists over Americans.

“Instead of putting hard-working West Virginians first, you voted to send billions of taxpayer dollars to nations where they shout ‘death to America,’ kill our Ambassador and allow radical Islamists to burn our embassies,” a petition on the RandPAC website accompanying the Manchin ad reads. “As one of your constituents, I demand that you start putting the interest of American taxpayers above those of Anti-American regimes and radical jihadists overseas.”.....

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