Thursday, November 14, 2013

2,224,539 today on Nov.14. How many more tomorrow?

Today, the counter showing the number of displaced Syrians is 2,224,539.  That's the number of refugees now made dependent on other countries for their welfare because the powers-that-be in that part of the world as well as the powers-that-be in our part of the world, decided to get rid of a "dictator".  The counter keeps climbing.  There are camps set up in Jordan, Lebanon, Iraq, Egypt and Turkey.  

However,  the sheikhdoms and kingdoms around Syria have not set up a single camp in their own lands.  Not a one !  These are the very same countries that plotted to overthrow Assad because he was a monster towards  the  people of Syria.  So very noble of them, right?!   So ... then, how come they don't give a damn about the suffering of the refugees made so because of the plan to save them from the monster?   

UNHCR refugee clock

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