Thursday, November 7, 2013

Catholic religious mantra: "Confession is good for the soul" = Commonsense logic: "Tell the truth and be done with it"

Mayor Rob Ford should have pleased both ends of the spectrum by confessing to having smoked crack cocaine. But neither the Christians nor anybody else seem to believe in the mantras they purport to hold dear.

From CTVNews:
 As Toronto Mayor Rob Ford's admission  he has smoked crack cocaine continues to reverberate, city councillor Denzil Minnan-Wong says it's time for municipal lawmakers to unite behind his push for the mayor to "do the right thing."
Coun. Minnan-Wong, a member of Ford's executive committee, has drafted a symbolic motion that would limit Ford's ability to hire and fire the deputy mayor and committee chairs.
He told CTV's Canada AM that he wants all city councillors to pass the motion together, and thereby send the mayor a unified message..........

Joe Warmington writing at TorontoSun:
....“It was the worst day of my life.”  Councillor Doug Ford said his brother, Mayor Rob Ford’s stunning admission that he “smoked crack cocaine” took him completely by surprise.
“I didn’t see it coming,” he said. “He didn’t talk to me, the lawyer, his staff or anybody.”
The worst part of it for Councillor Ford was he was out in the public himself at a news conference to call for a probe into what he described as a cozy friendship between Chief Bill Blair and Toronto Police Services Board member Andy Pringle which included a fishing trip.
“Did they talk about he mayor on that trip?” Doug asked. “I am going to be filing a complaint with the board and the Office of the Independent Review Director.”
Within an hour of that message resonating, his thunder was completely stolen by the mayor when he stopped and talked to reporters at City Hall and admitted his past sins.
Doug Ford said he was in shock............


  1. I don't understand your patience with the Ford circus and why you still support him. The only thing right about him is
    that he is not a PC lefty wingnut. That is not enough to still support him. He should be booted out and hopefully some
    sensible conservative type can take over. Then he and Fluffy Duffy can go on a fishing trip; they compliment each other, one
    is corrupt and one has substance abuse problems and both are grossly obese and both give politicians a bad name.
    They could be brothers in disgust.

    1. Canuckguy ... The reason why, is simple. If you think another Conservative mayor will be elected come next year, if Rob Ford is removed, you are dreaming. The lefty machine here is working overtime and the only reason they want Ford gone is because they know that once he is no longer at CityHall, his seat will go either to the NDP (Olivia Chow) or to a Lib.
      We have to see the reality of things. I am a realist if nothing else.
      Moreover, did being on crack make him lose money for the City? No.
      The Left in this city, has not even able to get over their defeat. They never expected Rob Ford to win and from day 1, they have connived, lied and maligned the man with every tool available to them.
      In spite of everything, Ford still has a chance next Oct. He just needs to take some time off to right himself.

  2. So your arguement could work for Justin T what with is admission of puffing a little weed.

    1. Canuckguy ... Leaving aside the Trudeau issue, the situation in Toronto is crystal clear. We either accept Ford in spite of the cocaine scandal or throw the Conservative gains we had achieved with his election in the laps of either the NDP or Libs. Take your pick.

      As for Trudeau, set your mind at rest. He's not gonna win against Harper. Let the Left do their song and dance for now, they are only digging their own grave. Nobody in their right mind would pick a stripper as their PM.
      Watch this:

  3. I believe Justin has shown his true colours again this time by expressing admiration for dictatorial China. State control at its max..


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