Thursday, November 7, 2013

"Politically Correct Wars" .... just one of the reasons "Islam will dominate the world"

and why not?  Fighting the Geneva Conventions way will always, ALWAYS spell defeat. The more barbaric you are, the more chances of coming out the winner.  Check the history of most of the bygone wars.  If one is going to those hellholes to kill,  why is killing, in any whichever form,  then considered not what we should be doing?  Why is it wrong to  not do exactly what the enemy does to you at every chance they get?  How does one expect to fight defensively and yet win wars?  How is sticking to the Geneva Conventions make you a winner when you are fighting an enemy who does not even know what or where even "Geneva" happens to be, leave alone what are its Conventions?   The foolishness of the so-called  "civilized" world is of its own making!!

From ITVNews:
Court martial releases recording of Marines 'killing Afghan'    Still images and an audio recording have been released of three Royal Marines allegedly murdering a captured Afghan man in 2011. A court martial board is current considering their verdict on the trio, who all deny the charge.

Three marines, known only as Marines A, B and C have been charged with murdering the man, who was lying in a field seriously injured after an Apache helicopter attack.

After the shot is fired, Marine A can be heard telling the man: "There you are. Shuffle off this mortal coil you c***. It's nothing you wouldn't do to us."

During the trial, court martial heard the insurgent had been shot at with 139 30mm anti-tank rounds but was still alive - albeit seriously injured - when discovered by the patrol.

Marine A is seen walking forward, bending down, and shooting the man at close range in the centre of his chest with a 9mm pistol.Giving evidence to the court martial, Marine A insisted he believed the insurgent was dead at the time and he was simply shooting into a corpse in anger.....


  1. Well the marine can always try the 'mercy killing' defence. Nothing wrong with putting rabid digs out of their misery.


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