Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Russia in more of an Islamic mess than the whole of EU and North America combined

How will they control the ever increasing radicalism that's a result of letting the Muslim population have their own teaching institutions?  What a big mistake that has been for Russia!    

What a disaster in the making it is for the USA and Canada because our politically correct nitwits in the government have not only permitted mosques to mushroom here, there and everywhere,  they have also allowed the emergence of madrasas and kindergarten schools for Muslim kids where in the name of religious freedom the imams and the facilitators of the Religion of Pieces teach children in a thousand different ways to hate infidels.  Is it any wonder that the kids are being radicalized and this has been going on for how long in Canada and the US?  Those kids are now almost ready to work their magic here just like the radicalized  kids, now all grown up and hungry for infidel blood,  are doing in Russia.

Joanna Paraszczuk writing at EAWorldView:
.....Russia’s Interior Ministry warned Friday that there has been an increase in support for radical Islamist ideologies in the North Caucasus region, especially among youth.

Sergei Chenchik, the head of the District Department of Central Administration of Ministry of Internal Affairs for the North Caucasus Region, said that Russia had “eliminated” more than 3,500 militants in the North Caucasus over the past decade, and detained around 8,000 members of illegal groups.

Chenchik noted that around a third of those arrested were children who were maladjusted socially. He said many of these children were students at Islamic schools and were therefore outside the regular system.

In Dagestan, there are 332 Islamic educational institutions operating. But only 49 non-state religious educational institutions are actually registered, 39 of which have no license for educational activity,” Interfax quoted Chenchik as saying.

Chenchik said that the problem of radicalisation is particularly acute in Dagestan, Ingushetia, Kabardino-Balkaria, and other areas of the North Caucasian Federal District, including Stavropol Krai.

Chenchik’s comments testify to Moscow’s ongoing fears about radical Islam and politically-motivated terrorism, particularly emanating from the North Caucasus. They come after six people died and at least 30 were injured when a female suicide bomber, Dagestan native Naida Asiyalova, 30, blew herself up on a Volgograd bus.

Investigators alleged that Asiyalova was the wife of Islamic convert and explosives expert Dmitri Sokolov, also known as Abdul Jabbar, who joined a jihadi group in Dagestan’s capital Makhachkala.....

.......On Friday, Vesti FM reported on a “secret women’s madrassa” in Sevastopol Krai: “Naida Asiyalova could have trained in a secret madrassa in Sevastopol” The story has all the ingredients for fear of an enemy within: a “secret” training school for suicide bombers, radical Islamists, an undetectable threat involving women, links to the Middle East as well as to Dagestan, with an added allegation that pornography is involved.

Vesti, citing the FSB security agencym said that the madrassa had been conducted out of a private home in the city, and that it had disseminated extremist propaganda to around 30 women, mostly students at local universities. Also found at the madrassa was “pornographic material” on CDs, featuring the women who studied there, the FSB told Vesti.....


  1. Dont worry about Russia. Russia has no heart. They know how to deal when time is ripe.

    1. Simon ... let's hope u r right. I just saw a couple of videos where thousands of Russian Nationalists marched in Moscow protesting against Muslims. They want Russia for "Whites" and nobody else. That's going to the extremes, but this is what happens when our politicians think they are doing what's good for the country and to the citizenry without thinking of the consequences down the road.


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