Saturday, November 16, 2013

Christians in the Middle East in dire straits and in midst of major enforced exodus

Within the next few years, if figures put out there show the reality, Christians in the Middle East, especially in Syria, will be less than 10% of their number from a few years ago. 

If one wants to look at the way some look at this,  the exodus of Christians from the ME  is a good thing because if we do come to the big bang war which many think is imminent, the less Christians in those hellholes the better it will be to drop bombs on those God-forsaken lands.  There won't be many Christians left on whom the scum can take revenge.  However, if such a time does materialize in the near future, many of us would still feel sorry for the secular progressive Muslims caught up in the madness of the believers belonging to the worst cult on Earth.

Reuven Berko writing at InvestigativeProject:
....On November 3, 2013, Christian figures   from around the Middle East gathered in Beirut to hold an emergency meeting. Most of them came from Syria, Egypt, Lebanon and Iraq, seeking to create a dynamic to improve and reinforce the defenses of Arab Christians, who are currently being persecuted by radical Islamists in their own countries.

The atmosphere at the meeting was one of extreme distress. The representatives reported that the so-called Arab Spring had led to the strengthening of violent Islamist movements which were now targeting the Christian sects in the Arab-Muslim world, especially in Egypt, Syria and Lebanon. Attacks on Christians reflected the refusal to recognize other religions, especially Christianity, as having the right to exist in the Arab-Muslim world, and damaged the delicate fabric of unity, "coexistence, forgiveness and dialogue," according to Lebanese MP Michel Aoun, that had existed until now among the various religious sects in the Arab countries.

The conference was motivated by the increasing lack of tolerance displayed by violent Islamists in their efforts to deprive the Christian sects, which until now were part of the Arab national identity, of their right to religious and physical existence in the Islamic territories of the Middle East. Syrian novelist Colette Khoury said that Syrian Christians could no longer be silent. They would no longer be the victims of the situation in Syria caused by the Islamist takeover and its political agenda. She said that the Christians in Syria would do whatever necessary to prevent the disintegration of Syria as their homeland and keep it from falling into the hands of the Islamists. She accused the United States of apathy and indifference to the fate of the Christians, who had always been a target for Islamist extermination.....

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