Wednesday, November 27, 2013

The wannabe next PM of Canada is a born politician

Jason Kenney knows how to suck up to one and all.  A born politician.  The one thing I admire about the Left is that they seldom ever turn on their own no matter what.  However, the Right tend to think they are so righteous and pure and truthful and  in sticking to that "pretend" concept they lash out and slash away at their own without mercy.  Jason Kenney's chilli-soaked mouth should have been more careful about what he says about a man that the majority of Torontonians have voted to be our mayor.  

Shame on you Jason Kenney.... Shame !!!  By commenting that Mayor Rob Ford should "step aside" because he has "brought dishonor to a public office" Kenney has miscalculated that almost 45% of Torontonians still stand firmly in the Mayor's corner and don't take kindly to people like him playing politically correct games on our turf.  Kindly sod off Minister of Employment.  Stick to finding jobs for the unemployed. 

Steven Chase, Elizabeth Church, Kaleigh Rogers writing at Globe&Mail:
One of Stephen Harper’s most trusted political lieutenants  is calling on Rob Ford to vacate the Toronto mayor’s job, saying the municipal leader has “brought dishonour” to public office.

Employment Minister Jason Kenney is the first Harper government cabinet minister to publicly reproach Mr. Ford, who as mayor has been a valued ally of the federal Conservative Party..........

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