Wednesday, November 13, 2013

"Smiling Martyrs" from the Cult of Pure Unadulterated Insanity

Can you believe this?   The cult of islam believes in something they call "smiling martyrs"  and the nuts take pride in not only photographing the dead with their lips drawn away to reveal their teeth, the idiots believe that these guys were deliciously happy at the moment of violent death.  But,  wait ... that's not all.  Al Qaeda and affiliates use these pictures and videos to recruit other mental cases for jihad.  

Can anything is more harmful than the creed of islam to a believer's mental health?  What a burden members of this cult must be on taxpayers in the Western countries that let them in! And, how conniving of the Western governments to hide that fact from us!  

The cult members plaster the internet and especially Twitter with pictures and videos of  the dead, similar to the one below.  Sheesh!!

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