Saturday, November 16, 2013

Quebec's Secular Charter Bill controversy gets even hotter

Nice to see some sensible Liberals disagreeing with the ones within their party who usually sell their mothers, wives, daughters and themselves  for votes.

From Globe&Mail:
......Mr. Tanguay’s comments created a major rift within Liberal ranks after Ms. Houda-Pepin said she was “hurt” and “shocked” by the remarks. Ms. Houda-Pepin, the only Muslim woman sitting in the Quebec National Assembly, noted that the chador was the “ultimate expression of oppression of women” and a “radical symbol of fundamentalism.” She feared that the party was drifting away from its roots by failing to stand up for the rights of women in the face of the rise of religious fundamentalism.

“I am women of ideas,” she said in a Radio-Canada interview on Friday. Ms. Houda-Pepin said she was not breaking ranks with the Liberal party, adding she supported her party’s opposition to the contentious Parti Québécois secular charter bill which proposes to prohibit the wearing of overt religious symbols by public sector employees.

“On the question of the chador we both agree,” Mr. Couillard said in a news conference in Montreal. “I’m holding out my hand to Ms. Houda-Pepin for her to come to caucus and explain her position.”

Mr. Couillard said he had no intentions of expelling Ms. Houda-Pepin from caucus for publicly criticizing her colleague. But he added that it was up to her to take the first step towards reconciliation, otherwise she would be expelling herself from the caucus, he said..........

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