Saturday, November 30, 2013

The Saudi-style Daycare in Quebec where teachers wear full burqas

If I was in a position of authority at the Ministry of Education in Quebec,  the first thing I would do would be to call for an investigation of each and every penny that has come into this daycare's bank account to see if there were any donations from Saudi Arabian or from Canadian-Saudis.  I would also want to see the full inventory of the text books in the facility.  The owners of this daycare should be on CSIS's radar from now on.  How dare they start something here that represents the most oppressive cavemen country on the face of the Earth!!

I am rooting for Quebec's "secular charter" .... I hope it gets the votes required to make it into law.  The downside is that these religious fucks will make their way to Ontario, but at least Quebec will know that they have done something to retain the identity of Quebec from being flushed into the gutters of islam.

Don't you just love the way  muzzies  anglicize their names when they want to hide their own.  "Sam and Julie" .... owners of the Saudi-style daycare in Canada are probably Mohammad Saleh and Jamila something.  Below is the pic that shows their backsides.  Nice salafi-style beard, eh?  Why do I suspect that "Julie" might be a convert to islam? The converts are usually more heavily brainwashed.

What an ideal place in Montreal for the daycare owners to start indoctrinating Canadian kids!  The name of the place "Verdun" fits beautifully with their desire to raise children in the concept of "jihad"  .... as the meaning of Verdun = war, conflict and battle ... which equals to "jihad" when translated.  The name of the daycare is  being shielded and while we originally thought the name of the establishment was Verdun Daycare, it's the name of the location and not the daycare's name. 

You have to listen to the podcast below where some samosa-loving neighbours of the daycare owners display their dhimmihood.

From CBC:
Neighbours of Verdun daycare react to niqab photo. Daybreak's Shawn Apel went out to Verdun to speak to the neighbours of the daycare owners embroiled in the niqab photo controversy.

From CBC:
One photo changed everything  for the owners of a Verdun daycare.
Sam and Julie, whose names have been changed to protect their identities, say their business and livelihood are in jeopardy after a photo of two of the daycare’s educators, clad in niqabs, were circulated online.....
......Three people at Julie and Sam’s daycare wear the niqab — but only in the presence of adult men and when they go outside.......

More here from LaPresse

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