Saturday, November 9, 2013

Dear Italy, You are reaping what you sowed ... enjoy the harvest.

Italy wanted Gadhafi dead, right?   So,  it's only fitting that they should suffer the consequences of their shortsightedness.

From TheLocal:
.... Protesters have blocked access to a major gas terminal in Libya, the head of Italian oil and gas giant ENI said on Wednesday, warning it may be forced to stop exports to Italy altogether.

ENI is the biggest foreign oil company in Libya and runs a pipeline to Sicily from the Mellitah gas terminal in the troubled country.

"What we are worried about at the moment is the Mellitah terminal, which has been attacked by protesters, pushing us to stop exports towards Italy," Italian media quoted chief executive Paolo Scaroni as saying.

However, Scaroni said he did not forsee problems with gas supply to Italy.
The ENI press office was unable to say whether the attackers were armed.
Last week, protesters from Libya's minority Amazigh Berber ethnic group held a sit-in at the Mellitah terminal to demand greater rights.....

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