Friday, November 15, 2013

What utter misery the Judas nations of the West have inflicted on innocent Syrian Christians!

The Christians in Syria,  how terrible must be their feelings to know that Christians are responsible for the plight they are going through.  How terrible it must be to know for a certainty that your family members have either been killed or are injured from weapons that have been supplied by the so called "Judeo-Christian" nations of the world?  How miserable to know that a Muslim "dictator" was kinder to them than the army of the Judeo-Christian nations waging a holy war on non-Sunnis in Syria?  Put yourself in the shoes of these persecuted Christians and imagine how you would feel. Would you like America for her support to Assad's opposition?  Would you like France for supplying arms and logistics to the killers in Syria? Would you like the United Kingdom for doing likewise?  

Baptist Press at TownHall:
....For Hanna, a Syrian Christian mother living in Damascus, the country's civil war is more than just statistics and news articles.
"Every day when I walk to the school I work at I hold my breath; every minute something can happen," she wrote in a first-person account to Open Doors USA, an organization supporting persecuted Christians. "Many streets are closed and when you walk the streets you see the traces of the battle: little fires all over the streets. Also in our house you see the traces of the war: we already noticed a bullet hole in our guest room, but recently I also discovered one in the room of my girls."

As the conflict between President Bashar al-Assad's forces and rebel fighters rages on, the country's Christians fear they are becoming easy targets for Islamic extremists.
"In fact attacks on churches happen a lot now. They are also targeting Christians," Hanna wrote. "Many of them are killed or kidnapped. When they are kidnapped they ask their families for ransom or they force them to convert to Islam. Women are often raped. The people that return from such events are traumatized. One of the men I know that came back from a kidnapping didn't speak a word since he came back. He is crying a lot. Nobody knows what happened to him."......

.....A man called Adnan, whose name was changed for fear of his safety, was caught writing anti-ISIS graffiti and filming. The jihadists dragged him into a church they had torched and turned into an ISIS base.
"Every 15 minutes, someone poured water on me, electrocuted me, kicked me, then walked out," he told CNN, adding that the screams of other tortured prisoners was worse than his own pain.
"When a person is tortured in front of you, you feel responsible. That's the hardest. One guy still inside used to call me Dad as I taught him about democracy," Adnan said.

Shea wrote that Syria's top Catholic leader, Gregorios III Laham, the Melkite Greek Catholic patriarch of Antioch and all the East, estimates more than 450,000 of Syria's roughly 1.75-2 million Christians have fled their homes since 2011......

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