Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Poor Cher, she's responsible for making her daughter into a son/whatever, and now she can't stand normal families

It's amazing how many dysfunctional people are out there who have this exact same irrational hatred like Cher has shown towards Sarah Palin.  One of the obvious reasons is the envy these poor souls can't control when they see that Palin has everything they wanted in their own lives but missed the boat altogether, all because of their own folly. 

The mutant  below is Cher's offspring.  Born a normal girl, left in the care of a lesbian pedophile who sexually abused her, the girl turns into what you see in the vid.  Is it any wonder that Cher has major regrets?   But does that mean Cher-the-freak-show has to vent her frustration on Sarah Palin? The freak herself is responsible for the Sad Sack below. She was a disaster as a mother and now she can't stand an ideal mother like Sarah Palin.

Sarah Palin at her Facebook page:
Click the link below to read  a fine response to Cher. And enjoy this pic of my brother Chuck's beautiful wife and daughter. They paint a beautiful picture, and I'm thankful they know how to react to irrational rants. Thanks, brother! See you at Thanksgiving dinner! Bring your skates.

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