Saturday, November 30, 2013

Is there any future for the Christians of Pakistan?

Some of the "living" victims of the All Saints Church bombing of two months ago.

Dr.Patrick Sookhdeo writing at BarnabasAid:
....Over 100 people were killed in the blasts,  leaving many grieving loved ones. Some lost their entire families; for them, life will never be the same again.....

....Khalida Sajid  was heavily pregnant at the time of the attack, and tragically, the blast killed her unborn baby. She also suffered terrible injuries that have kept her bedridden.

Samina Azeem was also pregnant, around 6-7 months, when the incident happened. Thankfully her baby survived, and she is due to give birth next month. But she has been left a widow; her husband of just over a year, Azeem Akhtar, was killed in the bombing. Samina is understandably concerned about the prospect of raising their child alone. Barnabas Aid is covering her medical costs....

.....Hanif Masih is drawing comfort from his deceased son’s heroism. Sharoon Hanif, known as Sharoo (meaning “lion”), was a church warden. He tackled the second suicide bomber, causing him to fall to the ground. Hanif said, “He died like a lion, he wasn’t afraid. He is a martyr and in a good place. I am a proud father.”....

.....A ball bearing from the explosion struck Farah Javed (23) in the backbone, paralysing the lower part of her body. There is no treatment available for this in Pakistan, though it is hoped that she may be able to come to the UK for treatment.

Venus Shafique, whose family is on Barnabas Aid’s feeding programme, suffered terrible leg injuries and can barely move because of the rigid metal braces that are holding the bones in place while they heal.....

...The emotional and psychological wounds also run deep. The Christians are traumatised and depressed and, understandably, have deep questions about why this tragedy has befallen them. But amid the despondency, many spoke of their determination to resume worshipping at All Saints once they have recovered from their injuries.  

Even youngsters are displaying great courage and faith. Simran Anwar (8)who lost her older sister, Suman, in the attack, said that no person or bomb blast can stop her from going back to church because “Jesus is with me”.
Shaloom Naeem lost his parents and sister in the blast, leaving him alone. But he said:
Though my entire family is dead, I am not afraid to go to the church..........

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