Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood gang members fleeing abroad

What are the chances that many have found ready and willing harbor in Canada?  Knowing how lax our immigration policies are, in spite of the Conservative govt. claiming otherwise, I am willing to bet that several of these conniving members of the most dangerous Islamic political group, are already here.  They will apply for opening a religious school or building permits for mosques .... and our nitwit politicians will see nothing wrong with granting them whatever their heart desires.

A very well informed commenter at the first link  below has posted several links on the Muslim Bros. which bears looking into. Ordinary folks like us know so much about the group,  but our politicians whom we expect to know more than us, know zilch, nada, nil, zero.

Patrick Martin writing at Globe&Mail:
The local headquarters of the Muslim Brotherhood  and its political wing, the Freedom and Justice Party, are burned-out shells in this Suez Canal port city, the birthplace of the Brotherhood 85 years ago. The remaining Brothers are trying to evade arrest by the authorities; the angry ones are considering a move across the canal to the lawless Sinai and a resort to violence.

There are many who see this as the end of the line for the once mighty Islamist organization. Its popularity with the people is at rock bottom and its leaders locked up, including deposed president Mohammed Morsi

Other Brothers are hiding out or fleeing the country, and more than 1,000 of its supporters were killed in a brutal crackdown when the army seized power in August. To add further injury, an Egyptian court on Wednesday upheld a ruling banning the Brotherhood and all its branches from operating, and ordering the confiscation of its assets.......

......Mustafa Shaltoot, 27, has a tell-tale zebiba (it means raisin) on his forehead – the dark abrasion that comes from touching your forehead to the ground in regular prayer. But like a lot of young followers of the Muslim Brotherhood these days, his formerly thick beard has been shaved to about a three-day growth.

Mr. Shaltoot brought a journalist inside what remained of the FJP office, out of sight from the street. “What happened after the coup was terrifying,” he said, referring to the Egyptian army’s ousting of Mr. Morsi and the deadly crackdown on his movement that followed. “I’m afraid all the time. I’m afraid the security will see me talking to you,” he said........

Abigail Hauslohner writing at WashingtonPost:
.... Very few of the leaders  of Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood escaped the recent military-led crackdown on their movement. Some of those who did flew out of Cairo after paying thousands of dollars in bribes to airport security officials, while others took more convoluted routes, boarding planes in distant airports en route to friendlier nations.

One of those nations is Qatar, the tiny, oil-rich Persian Gulf state that helped bankroll rebels and Islamist democracy advocates throughout the Arab Spring and is now quietly absorbing the exiles that one country’s stumbling experiment in democracy has generated..........

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