Monday, May 20, 2013

Tornados wreak large scale disaster in midwest USA

Major damage in Oklahoma City  suburb of Moore, including two elementary schools destroyed. 
A massive, mile-wide tornado with winds up to 200 mph spent 40 minutes on the ground as it devastated homes, schools and businesses across southern Oklahoma City and its suburbs Monday afternoon.

At least 10 deaths were confirmed, according to multiple media reports.

Catastrophic damage was reported in Moore, where two elementary schools were destroyed, including one that took a direct hit. Several children were pulled alive from the rubble of Plaza Towers Elementary, but there were no immediate reports of rescues or casualties at Briarwood Elementary.....


  1. One building of a clothing manufacturer in Bengladesh collapses, about 1100 die. A tornado tears through a suburb and the latest body count is 24. Viewing the footage of the tornado's path, I am surprised that hundreds did not die.

    1. The Bangladesh clothing manufacturers must have packed their workers like sardines and to make matters worse the building was unsafe. Life is cheap in those countries, especially lives of the poor ... sad but true.
      In Oklahoma, those who heeded the sirens and the warnings, I think most areas got about 10-15 minutes warning, scampered to safer areas and thus saved their lives. Where the tornado touched down....the place looks like what the tsunami had done to Japan.


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