Thursday, May 23, 2013

The Singing Astronaut

Commander Chris Hadfield  has rekindled an interest in space travel....that's for sure.   He's posted more than a dozen videos to YouTube on his experiences and "antics" in the space capsule.... but none has grabbed more views than the one below.

Shelley Fralic and Peter Rakobowchuk writing at VancouverSun:
....Now safe on Earth, multi-talented Chris Hadfield deserves his due for somehow making the cosmos even more compelling.

Could it be any more Canadian, any more apparent that we are a populace not given to overt patriotism or unabashed admiration of those among us who possess extraordinary qualities?

Is it any wonder that in order to achieve recognition, the most talented among us often leave our land to seek fame and fortune elsewhere? Celine Dion to Vegas. Michael J. Fox to Hollywood. Alex Trebek to Jeopardy. James Cameron to anywhere he wants.

Chris Hadfield had to go to outer space..........

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