Thursday, May 30, 2013

The wonderful world of NATO's new creation .... Libya

All hail the powers-that-be who rule over us gullible Earthlings.  They are wise and all powerful.  
Hail O wise outer worldly ones, we puny humans bow to your superior intelligence for making all things perfect.

Terror and death is a way of life in the new creation:
.....Unknown assailants threw an explosive device at a military checkpoint in the eastern Libyan city of Benghazi early on Wednesday, killing three soldiers and injuring three others, security officials said.
The attack was the latest in a wave of violence against security forces in the city, the cradle of the 2011 uprising against Muammar Gaddafi.
Nearly two years after he was ousted, the Tripoli government is still struggling to impose its authority on a country awash with weapons and where lawless militias do as they please.
"In the night, unknown assailants in a black Chevrolet car threw an explosive device as they passed a military patrol at one of the city's roundabouts," a police source said.
"There was no shooting. They then just fled."
Abdullah al-Shaafi, spokesman of Benghazi's security operations room, confirmed three soldiers had been killed and three others wounded in the attack......

Mountains of weaponry from Libya going to Syrian terrorists:
The reason for this night’s meeting,  and indeed for the Libyans’ 10-day trip to southern Turkey and across the border into northern Syria, was to help the Libyans figure out how to get some of Libya’s vast and loose stockpiles of machine guns, artillery, ammunition and antiaircraft systems — leftovers amassed largely by snatching government stockpiles during their own successful military uprising against their late dictator, Muammar Gaddafi, and from supplies donated to the Libyan rebels by the oil-rich Gulf nation of Qatar — to Assad’s opponents.

Sunni suicide bombers imported from Libya:
Algerian terrorist Mokhtar Belmokhtar claims to have planned the two deadly suicide attacks last week in Niger. One of the recent targets was a uranium mine owned by the French company Areva, which makes it the second foreign energy facility in African to be hit this year by Belmokhtar-organized forces. It’s also the former AQIM man’s first appearance since his alleged death in March.
One notable claim made by Niger’s president in the aftermath was that the suicide bombers came from Libya. It’s not the first time that Belmokhtar has been linked to the country - he reportedly visited to conduct weapons deals as far back as 2011 – but the connection leads us to investigate whether Southern Libya, which borders Algeria, Chad, Niger, and Sudan, is becoming the preferred no man’s land for militant Islamist groups.

Kidnappings and closing of airports ... all in a day's work:
Sebha Airport reopened again today  after a joint statement was issued by the local council, elders and civil society organisations condemning the kidnapping on Sunday in Tripoli of Alashae Mehdi, head of the Qatrun Martyrs Brigade, which is based in the southern town.
It was closed yesterday by a group of Tebus in protest at the disappearance of Mahdi from his Tripoli hotel on Sunday.

Case of light-skinned African Muslims hating dark-skinned African Muslims:
Libya Deports 1500 Africans.Many Nigerians and some other African nationals are now stranded in Agadas, Niger Republic after been deported by Libyan authorities. Two people were reported dead on their way to Niger out of about 1500 Africans who claimed to have been tortured while in detention before transported in 10 vehicles which took them to Agadas.
Some of them who spoke to BBC Hausa Service said they were arrested in their houses and shops where they run their daily business.
BBC reported that among the deported persons included Niger, Nigeria, Ghana, Senegal, Mali, Gambia, Cameroon, and Cort d' Voire nationals among others.
A Nigerian explained that "when they arrested me, I asked them to let me wear my clothes but one of them said no, you are going to wear your cloth when you get back to your country, but not here."
"They took us to a place where there were no toilets. Now we are here, some of us do not even have decent cloths," he said.

Look who's talking .... the nation that arms terrorists wants them dead when they turn against that nation's interests:
France urged African nations  on Tuesday to make a concerted effort to tackle a growing Islamist threat in the deserts of southern Libya.
French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius, speaking on a visit to Niger where suicide bombers attacked a French-run uranium mine last week, said there were signs that Libya's lawless south was becoming a safe haven for Islamist groups in the Sahara.

The Brits are proud of their Libyan Students program, this country can't commit suicide fast enough:
....Amid bombs and security alerts, the British Council signed an agreement with Libyan officials which we hope will smooth the path of up to 5,000 Libyan scholars due to study in the UK each year. Cherry Gough, British Council Director Libya, reports.....
.....So as you can see, life at the British Council in Tripoli is swings and roundabouts – enormous opportunities in a context of sometimes very frightening instability. But in the end, the reason why we live with the bombs and the unpredictability is because we believe in what we’re doing, and we respect the people we’re doing it with.
We know that education will make a huge contribution to Libya’s future, and that’s where the UK has something exceptional to offer: the chance to get a world-class education in a country that’s proud (mostly) of its diversity and its openness. And if anybody deserves to get that chance, it’s the astonishing, hopeful, courageous young Libyan men and women we meet every day here in Tripoli. I hope more people in the UK get the chance to meet them, too...

Al Qaeda major base operating in Libya with the government's approval:
A Library of Congress report that received almost no media attention detailed – one month before the deadly Sept. 11 attack in Benghazi – how al-Qaida established a major base of operations in Libya in the aftermath of the U.S.-NATO campaign that deposed Muammar Gadhafi and his secular regime.
The report documented al-Qaida and affiliated organizations were establishing terrorist training camps and pushing Taliban-style Islamic law in Libya while the new, Western-backed Libyan government incorporated jihadists into its militias.
The document named Benghazi as a new central headquarters for al-Qaida activities.
“Al-Qaeda adherents in Libya used the 2011 Revolution to establish well-armed, well-trained, and combat-experienced militias,” stated the report.
The report also said a terrorist released from the U.S. Guantanamo Bay detention camp in Cuba became the leader of the al-Qaida-affiliate Ansar Al-Sharia in Libya, which espoused anti-Western ideology.....

Muslim network also blames NATO.  They beg the USA and NATO to come to their rescue and then when rescued they criticize them for not doing enough.  That's the muslim way.  What they expect is that the West come rescue them and then take care of them forever.
Libya is proof that Nato knows how to destroy a country, but doesn't know how to rebuild it.  
Most of the news coming from Libya is distressing, the London-based daily Al Quds Al Arabi said in its editorial yesterday, following the deadly car bomb explosion in Benghazi.
"The country is experiencing successive crises over more than one aspect of affairs: daily living, politics and security, and they are mostly because of the inability of the feeble political elite to build and empower state institutions," the paper said.

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