Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Separatism is the only solution

I would be the last person to claim that I understand politics and politicians..... but there's one huge aspect of Canadian politics that give me a thunderous headache because I just cannot understand even an iota of it. WHY, WHY, WHY is the Province of Quebec still attached to the country of Canada when on a daily basis they are screaming to be separated from us?   WHY??????????????????????

The people within that Province speak a different language then the rest of Canada but still insist that every person within government offices should know  the language of their Province or "no job for you".    And, lo and behold, the rest of Canada obeys that damn rule !

The people within that Province openly fling scorn and insults on the people in the rest of Canada, especially if they are Conservatives and the rest of Canada takes it in her stride and continue to treat Quebec as the prodigal son.

The people within that Province think they are ever so sophisticated and  the rest of Canada is cowed down to "either believe that or else"  and to prove my  point of the cowed downness of the rest of Canada, Stephen Harper is the first PM in modern history from outside Quebec. Why would Canadians in the rest  of Canada keep voting for Quebecers to be their Prime Ministers if they were not cowed down by the Mafia-like strong-armed tactics coming from that Province?

The most perplexing thing to understand, from where I am standing, is this:
Why is the Conservative party fighting so hard to keep the marriage intact?  A divorce would mean almost clear majority wins for the Conservatives in almost all elections because it's always the Province of Quebec that's responsible for Conservative losses.

The Province takes every opportunity to show the rest of Canada how much they hate us and want to separate.  Even the former Liberal leader, a Quebecor, has gone on record to say that one day Quebec will succeed in her efforts to separate from Canada.
So, for Heavens sake .. WHY, WHY, WHY not let Quebec separate now?  It's about time. Let it happen !!

Let Quebec separate for goodness sake!  Let Mr. Trudeau Hollywood become King of Quebec.  PLEASE !!!


  1. The PQ Party and others of the same ilk continually piss me off. I rather the federal government have the balls to say enough is enough and put an end to this Deux Nation crap.

    1. Being the politically correct pisspots that the Conservative party has become, I doubt they will take the step that more than half of Canada outside Quebec wants them to take. Wish there was a referendum on this issue.


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