Saturday, May 18, 2013

More on the monstrous entity accused of Tim Bosma's murder

Monsters among us running amok because they come from influential families?  Rich people getting away with murder?  Disappearance of a young girl who called the monster 13 times within a 100-hour frame and after that never heard from again, but the police didn't think that was suspicious?  Who were the blasted police officers investigating that girl's disappearance?  There's always a "bad" domino  effect when we don't do or say the right thing without giving a damn about the consequences.  Did the police let this monster hoodwink them then because of his status in society?   Too many questions and very few answers in this perplexing case.

Matthew Coutts writing at DailyBrewYahoo:
The ongoing investigation into the death of Ontario father Tim Bosma and the man who has been charged with his murder has led investigators down several dark paths in recent days.

The announcement that Dellen Millard has been charged with first-degree murder in Bosma's death has led police to reconsider two other cases – one involving a missing woman who is said to have been last in contact with the young pilot, and the apparent suicide of Millard's own father.

CTV News reports that police are investigating a link between Millard and a 23-year-old woman who went missing last July.

Laura Babcock was last seen in Toronto last summer. Her former boyfriend told the network she was last known to be in the company of Millard and her phone records showed she had called him 13 times between June 30 and July 3, when the phone suddenly stopped being used.
Toronto police told CTV Toronto's Tamara Cherry that nothing had seemed suspicious about Babcock's disappearance until Millard was named as a suspect in Bosma's death last week.
Babcock still hasn't been found. And perhaps as troubling is a report that investigators are also taking a second look into the apparent suicide of Millard's father............

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