Friday, May 31, 2013

Vomit-inducing shows from the UK .... Judge John Deed TV series from the BBC

Below  is one of the episodes from the Judge John Deed TV series.   This is the only episode I have watched  but this is enough to tell me that the entire series must be  lefty produced  with one item on their agenda and one item only....and you know what that is.

Try to hold in your anger and disgust and watch at least some of this lefty propaganda for at least a few minutes.  It's torturous but has to be done.  Shows like these are produced  in their thousands by the BBC and are to be found in  the UK and in many other Judeo-Christian countries.  Is it any wonder that the Caliphate is winning?    You know that the gullible watch such things and are easily manipulated.  It's the Left whose only desire is to defeat the Right without having the intelligence to see into the future who are destroying freedom as we know it.  For them it's the immediate victory over the Right and nothing else matters.  Don't get me wrong,  I do know that some kids react differently to vaccines as do some people to other type of medicines .... but to portray that those pushing  vaccines are evil is just not right.  I am not a fan of pharmaceutical companies either (who can forget or forgive the aspirin exposure)  but knowing how the cult of islam believes anything from their book of lies, do you think they won't believe such rubbish from the West?

Will the producers of this show bear the responsibility for all the doctors and nurses killed in Afghanistan and Pakistan at the hands of muslims who believe this Leftish propaganda about vaccines???
This show has also managed to push the concept of British bombs and depleted uranium from British bombing in Iraq damaging unborn babies in Iraq for decades to come.  What a great way to win lawsuits.  The British government deserves their BBC....a taxpayers' organ just like the CBC on our Canadian shores.


  1. "...the aspirin exposure"
    Can you enlighten me about this?

    1. I was alluding to how the pharmaceutical companies who were all in cahoots with each other had kept the benefits of aspirin to prevent heart attacks and heart-related diseases a secret because they wanted to sell their overpriced heart meds which are probably 20 times more expensive. They didn't want the general public to know about how aspirin had the ingredients to prevent strokes and heart attacks....when taken daily in a small dose. I can't remember who let the bag out or when. That info must be somewhere on the net. But here's something I found on aspirin and heart attacks:Before Using Aspirin to Lower Your Risk of Heart Attack or Stroke


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