Friday, May 24, 2013

Socialist Sweden getting a taste of multiculturalism .... from burning cars to burning schools and onwards to what next?

Wait until it gets too spicy for their taste ... that's when the real fireworks will go off.  Socialists cannot take dissent for long, they pretend to be above it all and profess to be very fair-mined and generous .... but time and time again we have seen what happens when things become too hot for the short-sighted ones.

From NDTV:
 ....At least nine cars were torched and two schools and a police station were set ablaze as riots swept through Stockholm's immigrant-dominated suburbs early Friday for the fifth straight night, police and firefighters said.
The riots, which have shattered Sweden's image abroad as a peaceful and egalitarian nation, have sparked a debate about the assimilation of immigrants, who make up about 15 percent of the population.....

John Hayward writing at HumanEvents:
...The socialist paradise of Sweden  is troubled, as “youths” and “asylum seekers” launched their fourth consecutive night of violent riots, “shocking a country that dodged the worst of the financial crisis but failed to solve youth unemployment and resentment among asylum seekers,” according to Reuters.

Hmm.  We just happen to have high unemployment and a large number of “asylum seekers” here in the United States, too.  What’s going on in Stockholm, Reuters?.....

........Groups of rioters, as small as five people and as large as 100, have been seen this week, Mr Lindgren said. They typically wait for emergency services to attend a fire before attacking.
Green laser pointers have also been shone in the eyes of the emergency services, according to Mr Lindgren.....
Burning out the eyes of first responders with lasers?  That’s not an example of freedom of speech, either.

Who are these rioting “youths,” and what’s their problem?  The riots began in a district of Stockholm called Husby, described by the BBC as a “deprived, largely immigrant suburb” where “more than 80 percent of the 12,000 or so inhabitants are from an immigrant background, and most are from Turkey, the Middle East, and Somalia.”.............


  1. "..resentment among asylum seekers."
    Aww, boo hoo hoo.
    Ungrateful wretches.
    Let them go back to their pisshole shithole cesspool contries.
    (not going to happen)

    1. Unfortunately, even the hyphenated Swedes who want to live peacefully and make a prosperous life, if not for themselves, then for the next generation, their children........ what the arsonists are doing is painting them black too. I blame the politicians more than the rioters ... because they have not taken swift and harsh methods to curb this in the bud.
      Moreover, all these districts where the riots are going on, will be abandoned by all the decent immigrants and these places will be shunned by all but the kind of scum presently setting things ablaze. These neighborhoods have gone from bad to worst in a flash.


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