Monday, May 20, 2013

Somali refugees and immigrants in Sweden say "thanks" by burning 100s of cars and attacking police

Sweden should hold the UN responsible for the trash it has been forced to accept or the Swedish people should hold their politicians responsible for giving in to the UN's demands.  Why is the UN off-loading Muslim refugees on Judeo-Christian countries???  The Muslim nations of the Middle East are not only extra large in land mass, they are also extremely rich.  Why not allocate the refugee numbers by 99% to those nations?  Where are the comparisons to show how many of these Muslim troublemakers are exported by the UN to the West and how many or none to the Muslim countries?

According to most of the reports on the riots that took place in Stockholm,  they started because an elderly man was shot by the police.  Why he was shot is found in just one of the articles I read (2nd link below).  Shame on the others for giving an excuse for the riots by constantly stating that the riots started because of  the shooting of an elderly man by the police but refraining from saying why the man was shot.  Our enlightened "journalists" and "reporters" of the Western press !!

Even after all the extensive damage, the Swedish police cowards did not arrest anybody but they "will try to during the day".  Don't you know it?  The Swedish police are afraid of vampires ... the sun gotta come out before they can venture out to catch  ghouls with sharp fangs.  Sheesh !!

YouTube needs competition.  A video that was posted a few hours ago on the riots in Stockholm has been removed by YouTube because "of YouTube's policy prohibiting hate speech."  Laughable, isn't it !!   YouTube is full of thousands of videos showing  imams and Muslims cursing infidels and wishing our death, but a video where probably the poster said something totally mild in the verbage about muslim immigrants is removed !!!

The Local's article below does not say the rioters were Somalis, so how do I know the ethnicity of the rioters?   Read this   and draw the easy conclusions.  But, as if, we needed even that!

From TheLocal:
Youths rioted in northern Stockholm on Sunday night, setting fire to cars and throwing rocks at police, in what is believed to be a protest against the fatal police shooting of a machete-wielding man in the suburb last week.
"At 10pm we sent out staff to an address in Husby," explained Lars Byström of the Stockholm police to the Dagens Nyheter newspaper.
"My colleagues were met by young people who threw stones at them. It continued with a pair of violent riots and extensive damage."
The riot kicked off when young people set fire to cars in Husby, a suburb in the far north of Stockholm. Witnesses claim at least 100 vehicles in the area were in flames. Another fire was lit in a nearby garage, resulting in the evacuation of the apartment block. Around 50 residents were taken care of and sheltered in buses that were on hand.
The local shopping centre was also vandalized, and three police officers were injured in the fracas. Police estimate that the riots involved somewhere between 50 and 60 youths.
Forty emergency workers from both police and the firefighting service were on hand. 
The protests come in response to a fatal police shooting of a 69-year-old man in Husby last Monday, according to the youth organization Megafonen. The man had been threatening police with a machete before he was shot......
....."We understand that people react like this," Rami Al-Khamisi from Megafonen said in a statement.
Calm was restored to Husby by 5.30am, police did not, however, make any arrests. ......

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