Thursday, May 23, 2013

The junk reporting from the rubbish heap of "journalists" ... they deliberately forgot to tell us relevant details

Stockholm's Muslim immigrants are rioting for the 4th night in a row.  When the riots first started,  almost all the numbskulls reporting on the mayhem gave a grossly  stupid  reason for the riots by stating that they were started after police shot and killed a 69 yr old man (who was most probably a Muslim).  Very few reported that the man was brandishing a knife and threatening police and hence was killed by them in self-defence.

Over and above, to prove the total downfall of the kind of breed that make up the reporters of today, none of them until today mentioned  that the 69-yr old knife brandisher had been dead more than a week before the riots started.  This means there is only one conclusion to what's going on in Sweden.  It is a planned terrorist event and the Swedish authorities know it to be so and are covering for the terrorists.

That how much down the rabbit hole of  Islamic delights the EU has gone, dear readers.  Know it and weep for them and for us too ... because we are also almost there.

From TheIrishTimes
...The unrest started May 19th in Husby an area constructed in the 1970s and dotted with high-rise apartment blocks - about a week after police killed a 69-year-old man brandishing a knife........

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