Saturday, May 18, 2013

Why no compassion from the Left for Mayor Rob Ford's "disease"?

That's what Licia Corbella of Calgary Herald wants to know.  Any lefty moron wanna tell her why?  How about all the lefties at the Toronto Star .... anyone, anyone ?  Hah !!

....Maybe now that Rob Ford has allegedly been caught  on tape smoking crack cocaine, we can finally dispense with the nonsense that drug use is a disease. It’s not, it’s a choice.

Funny how quickly, though, lefties who use that excuse for beautiful losers they admire, or for the downtrodden on their city streets, have abandoned their hackneyed mantra when a person they despise is a user.

So, thank you, Mayor Ford. According to your enemies, you are not a victim or someone suffering from a disease. Here’s hoping that the ridiculous claim that every alcoholic and drug addict is not unlike someone with renal failure or cancer is put to rest.

But here’s also hoping that this story will expose the hypocrisy, viciousness and lack of compassion of those elites who have been out to first ensure Ford was not elected Toronto’s mayor, and then doing everything in their power to discredit him and to use the courts to remove him from office because they didn’t like the outcome.

On Thursday, the U.S. website Gawker posted a report by John Cook, who alleges that he saw a cellphone video of Ford smoking from a glass pipe what a Toronto drug dealer alleges is crack cocaine.

The drug dealer has been shopping the video around to media outlets, initially for $100,000, and now $200,000.....

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