Friday, May 17, 2013

Michelle Malkin has a lot of info on the Benghazi-gate

Also, I am wondering if the reason for this lawyer's suicide a few weeks ago, was because he recognized one of his clients he helped gain freedom from Gitmo in one of the numerous videos floating around on  Benghazi  or  maybe he saw his clients chopping heads in Syria.

Michelle Malkin writing at her blog:
 ....Obama’s emptiest Benghazi talking point; Plus: Where is Gitmo recidivist and alleged Benghazi jihad plotter Abu Sufian bin Qumu?  

The man depicted in the photo above is Abu Sufian bin Qumu. I told you about him on September 20. He’s the former Gitmo detainee released in 2007 who was named as the possible lead plotter in the bloody attacks on our consulate personnel, staff, and private security contractors in Benghazi. We haven’t heard a thing about him from the commander-in-chief, who has vowed repeatedly to track down the killers and “bring them to justice.” On top of all the unanswered questions about Benghazi, there are these unasked questions — which I ask in my column today: Where exactly is Qumu? How exactly is President Obama’s little-discussed quest to hold the Benghazi murderers “accountable”? And how exactly does Eric Holder’s renewed effort to close Gitmo at a time when the bloody Gitmo recidivism rate is rising square with Obama’s empty promises to get “justice” and protect America.
No, we won’t stand down. And we must not roll over............

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