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Australia in deep Muslim doodoo, just like the UK

One by one,  all the dhimmi "white" nations are brought to their knees ..... willingly and eagerly.  UGH !!  
After you go through this blog post,  can you honestly say that Australia is not following in the UK's footsteps and still insist  that "obnoxious"  people like moi are overblowing the whole muzzie shit because we hate muzzies?  

When will idiots in our governments realize that decent Muslims want the fucking government to stop pandering to the islamists and to stop importing such rubbish so they themselves along with the rest of  the "decent" citizenry can live in peace and harmony sans the islamist trash.  The government by being lenient with islamists is doing a great injustice to those Muslims who want nothing but to live freely in  Western countries without having to fear crazy imams and fanatical islamists who target them before targeting  others.

Don't you just love the new speak of our esteemed journalists:
Milad bin Ahmad-Shah al-Ahmadzai, 23, is charged with threatening serious harm to a Commonwealth official.
He is also charged with using a carriage service to threaten to kill.
He was arrested last night when officers raided his Auburn home after he phoned the public official earlier this month.
The court heard he made threats by saying "crack your neck" and "slit your throat".
The Joint Counter Terrorism Team has been investigating Ahmadzai since December 2009 for allegedly committing terrorism related offences, court documents said.....

From the blog  AustralianConservativeTruth  I got this about a muslim website warning muslims that:  
Anzac Day is commemorated with increasing fervour each year on April 25th in Australia. It is something Muslims should not actively or passively partake in – a matter that becomes clear when one studies the reality of this commemoration and the history it celebrates. ....
.....Further, the ‘Anzac spirit’ is more mythology than history. It ignores indiscretions by the ANZAC soldiers such as burning the belongings of locals in Egypt, brawling, getting drunk and rioting, and contracting venereal diseases due to time spent in local brothels. It ignores the fact that Australian troops were merely used as fodder for British imperial designs. It sanitizes all the bad to surgically create a mythological legend worthy of celebration.
The result is that instead of learning from past mistakes, they are repeated again and again. Australian soldiers are used for the exploitative agendas of foreign powers, as we saw most recently in Iraq and Afghanistan, just as they were in WWI, under the same spurious pretext of “fighting for our freedom”, as if one’s freedom is predicated on the oppression of others.
For us, as Muslims, nationalism is a prohibited matter, whether it be Australian nationalism or Turkish, American or Egyptian. By extension, so too are nationalistic celebrations............

Also, from the same  blog, I got this from TheDailyTelegraph written by Miranda Devine:
Miranda Devine spends a day at Lakemba Mosque. Thousands of worshippers gather at the Lakemba Mosque every Friday for weekly prayers. Miranda Devine joined them and quickly discovered a wardrobe malfunction - in the form of a jacket not long enough to cover her pants.
I am going undercover to Friday prayers at the Lakemba Mosque. But first I need to get kitted out in modest attire.
I'm wearing black pants, long-sleeved shirt and a jacket but I arrive at my Muslim friend Hala's house in Yagoona with a scarf so she can tie it properly for me, flat over the head, tight under the chin, and expertly fastened with one purple butterfly brooch so that it drapes loosely over the chest, leaving absolutely everything to the imagination.
Modesty achieved, we drive on to the mosque without incident, although the scarf constricts my throat when I turn my head.
Parking in narrow Wangee Rd is impossible. Gridlock sets in before noon prayers every Friday. The faithful in their hundreds, mostly men, stream towards the mosque, a domed 40-year-old building in the middle of red-brick suburbia.
Hala and I, being women, are not allowed to walk up the front stairs to the main prayer hall. We walk down a driveway which leads into an underground carpark.
At the carpark we are directed up side stairs towards the women's section on the second floor. Halfway up we remove our shoes.
At the top, Sister Veronica waits with an eagle eye for wardrobe malfunctions. Sure enough, I fail the test. It seems my jacket doesn't adequately cover my pants.
"Sister, take a skirt if you want to pray," she says, and gestures to a laundry basket of clean, folded loan clothes. I select a thick apron and wrap it around my waist on top of my pants. Glamorous it is not...........

From OnlineOpinion:
.....In support Wilders quotes Australian theologian Mark Durie: "Islam classically demands a political realization, and specifically one in which Islam rules over all other religions, ideologies and competing political visions. Islam is not unique in having a political vision or speaking to politics, but it is unique in demanding that it alone must rule the political sphere."

An important feature of the Wilders visit is the charter presented by his colleague Solomon, who is a convert from Islam to Christianity. This charter lists principal Western values and "invites" believers in Islam to sign it.

It immediately becomes clear that to do this would conflict with the Qu'ran and could not be signed by Muslims. For example, "we commit to upholding the value of freedom and in particular freedom of belief and expression ... that religion is a private and personal matter and a personal choice".

Another important development is the emergence of the Q Society, which sponsored and arranged the visit. This does not come across as an aggressive body but seeks to educate people about Islam, its government funded promotion and what it describes as "creeping Sharia compliance". The Society is secular and has no party-political affiliations. Formed by individuals who can be described as ordinary Australians, this Society has brought into the public arena an issue that has not hitherto been seriously addressed at such a level. Importantly the Quadrant magazine has been the principal source of published critical analyses of Islam in the media.

I have now been assessing Islamic views and actions for several years and support the analysis by Wilders, Durie and the Q Society. Based also on analyses of ASIO reports, my conclusion is that Australia faces continuing conflict with domestic extremist Islamic groups that take or threaten to take violent actions against non-Muslims and have no compunction in killing fellow Muslims if they stand in the way of such actions.......

From FrontPageMag:
Bit by bit, Western nations are adopting Muslim legal standards on blasphemy and on the treatment of women.
The excuses are manifold. Racism, cultural differences, Islamophobia, relativism… but it all ends the same way, with Western writers, artists and thinkers being censored and Western women being subject to Taliban treatment.
This is how it began.
An Afghan refugee would drive from his home in Tullamarine to nightclubs in Frankston late at night searching for drunk, vulnerable young woman to prey on, a court was told today.
He would pick them up in his white 1988 Honda Civic and rape them.
The victim was sitting on the footpath behind the 21st Century Dance Club when Esmatullah Sharifi approached her and offered to give her a lift to the Bay Hotel.
She accepted but became anxious and confused when they had been driving for an hour and she saw a road sign saying Sorrento.
Sharifi then pulled over into a dark side street and raped her in the front passenger seat......

.........In the rapist’s defense, his lawyer argued that he wasn’t at all clear about this whole “Women are human beings” thing.

Mr Regan said Esmatullah Sharifi was uneducated, illiterate, inexperienced in forming relationships with women, and was confused about the nature of consent. He is in Australia on a permanent protected visa.

The judge didn’t buy it then, but the usual lefty approach is to just keep appealing until you find a bleeding heart judge who accepts the horrible notion being put forward. And that didn’t take very long......

(article is written by Daniel Greenfield and should be read in full to see what's going on in Australia is akin to what going on in other dhimmi Judeo-Christian nations.)

UK, Canada and the USA are not the only dhimmi-lands sprinkling citizenship and passports on infidel haters:
From YahooNews:
....The Department of Foreign Affairs (DFAT) has confirmed an Australian man is on trial for alleged terrorism-related offences in Saudi Arabia.
DFAT says the 25-year-old, named in the media as Shayden Thorne from Perth, was arrested 18 months ago and is being detained in a prison outside Riyadh.
His brother, Junaid Muhammed Thorne, 23, is also in the country but is in hiding after being released from prison after two months of detention without being charged.
Junaid's cousin, Stephanie Riley, says Shayden was arrested after police found terrorism-related material on a laptop that he had borrowed.
Their mother, who did not want to be named, told NITV that Shayden has been tortured during his detention.
Both brothers have lived in Saudi Arabia for more than a decade, although they have kept their Australian citizenship.....

Database of  "Australians" either arrested or with links to terrorism or crime.  I clicked on a few and I think the entire listing might be relating to only Australia.  The database is under construction.

Surprisingly, a socialist website WorldSocialistWeb reports on a 2002 gang rapes case(s).  Take particular note of jail terms given to the rapists  in 2002 and then check out the vid  which was posted on May 26, 2012.    Nice eh?!  That how the broken justice system works in our Judeo-Christian countries.
On August 16, New South Wales Judge Michael Finnane sentenced a 20-year-old youth to a 55-year jail term with a 40-year non-parole period after he was found guilty of leading a series of gang rapes in Sydney. The youth was referred to as X during the trial and sentencing. The jail term, which is the longest in Australian legal history for a non-murder case, is the outcome of an ongoing campaign by the Carr government in NSW for harsher sentences and other law-and-order measures.
The lifetime imprisonment follows the conviction and sentencing of two other young men—Belal Hajeid and Mahmoud Chami—for their part in the crimes. Hajeid is serving a 23-year sentence, with a 15-year non-parole period, and Chami, an 18-year term, with 10 years non-parole.
A week after the 55-year jail term decision, a 19-year-old youth who also participated was sentenced to 25 years imprisonment. Three other teenagers—18-year-old Mohamad Senussi, his 17-year-old brother Mahmoud Senussi and 18-year-old Tayyab Sheihk—were sentenced today to 21, 11 and 15 year jail terms respectively.......

Muzzies have been raping and creating all kinds of havoc in Judeo Christian countries for almost two decades now and yet our politicians don't see the light and never will.

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