Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Oh dear!! The death of a pressure cooker in Dearborn

I love a good laugh and this story does just that.  Comments to the news item are funny too !

On a more serious note, has anybody noticed how we  have come to accept Dearborn as a muzzie territory.  It's not just muzzie-heavy anymore, it's their very own territory now even if  we want to brush off that thought as just  an exaggeration. This pattern will be seen in many, many, many other areas of the USA and Canada as non-muzzies will move out of areas which are becoming muzzie-heavy and such areas will then become wholly  theirs and shariah laws will be the only laws for these immigrants.  They are just biding their time in infidel lands until the infidels are either converted to islam or killed and the entire planet becomes a complete caliphate under one authority.

..... Police in Dearborn are trying to understand why a pressure cooker was left in the restroom of the Adoba Hotel, forcing the evacuation of guests until the early morning hours.

The evacuation also canceled Sunday night’s banquet of the University of Muslim Association of America.

Asgar Zaidi of Washington D.C. has been attending the organization’s conference for the past 11 years. He says it’s the first time it’s ever been held in Dearborn.

“We all look forward to this time of year, Memorial Day weekend … we have fun, we learn and it’s just disheartening to see this type of stuff happen here,” said Zaidi.

The pressure cooker discovered at the hotel was detonated by police as a precaution, but contained no explosives....

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