Wednesday, May 22, 2013

MERS virus .... terrorists are not the only export from the Sunni Arab countries

Are you wondering  why our glorious media is quiet about this new virus.  Wonder no more.  Almost all the cable news stations as well as most of the major newspapers, if they are affiliated with a company that's trading on the New York exchange, you can  take it for granted that they are sadly compromised.....because  a huge, huge, huge majority of the shares of those media companies are owned by the Sunni Arab sheikhdoms and their representatives make the bulk of the Board of Directors.

Our Caliphated new world is  waiting for us.  Welcome to the Sunni Arab world of Shariah, wahhabism and salafism.  Don't waste your energies in going after Shiites ... they are shitty I admit, but definitely not as shitty as Sunnis... not by thousands of miles.

If you watch the SARS virus documentary below you will realize that we should not take the MERS virus lightly.  The MERS virus is deadlier than the SARS virus.....the mortally rate is almost double.

Scott Sutherland at YahooNews:
....While there's been plenty of information coming out of China over the past two months about the new H7N9 bird flu, with updates on infections, deaths and how it is transmitted, there's been surprisingly little said so far about another new virus that was discovered back in September, even though this new virus is apparently more easily transmitted between people and also, apparently, more deadly.

The discovery of Middle Eastern Respiratory Syndrome (MERS), aka 'novel coronavirus 2012 (nCoV-2012)', was first announced last September, after two men — one from Saudi Arabia and one from Qatar — died from a SARS-like illness. Since then, a total of 43 confirmed cases have been reported, in eight countries, and 21 of those infected have died. This is compared to a total of 131 infected by H7N9 in just two countries (130 in China and 1 in Taiwan) with 36 dead. More alarming is the news that MERS can be transmitted directly, person-to-person, through close contact, whereas the infections of H7N9 only seem to have links to humans having direct contact with infected birds.

So why, with MERS so far showing a mortality rate almost double that of H7N9 and an easier, more direct path of infection between people, has there been so little said about it so far?.........

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