Saturday, May 25, 2013

Fire and Fury

From TheIndependentUK comes a detailed story about the riots in Sweden giving additional  collaboration that the knife brandisher died long before the riots started but just like what the Obama administration did with the Benghazi fiasco,  the authorities in Sweden  too thought it  best to blame the riots not on the rioters themselves but on the "mishap" of their own police which led to spontaneous rioting out of anger and frustration.....and of course the inefficient media writes whatever is easily obtained without delving any further into the statements given by "sources" which sources are most likely  the rioting immigrants themselves.

Worth reading Tom Peck's article in full.  Another thing that comes to light from this article is that the activists from the Left wing party  instigated the initial riots .... so this is something that was planned and executed  by white leftish Swedes using  Muslim immigrants who are ever ready to riot and create havoc  at the slightest excuse.

....Two weeks ago, news emerged of the death of a 68 year old Portuguese immigrant man, who had been shot in his Husby apartment by police, then taken to hospital, where he died. He had taken a woman hostage, so the story went, and had been waving a machete at police. But Megafonen, a group that campaigns for social change in the suburbs, published pictures of a body bag being removed from the man’s apartment, and driven away in a car. Not an ambulance, a car. It would later emerge that the so-called hostage was in fact the dead man’s wife of 30 years, and according to his brother-in-law, he had been waving a kitchen knife, not a machete, to ward off a gang of youths who had been harassing him and his wife. When the police knocked on the door, the wife told the brother-in-law, the elderly man mistook the knocks for further harassment, shouted at them, probably a little threateningly, and was shot dead.

The left wing activists who police are now actively pursuing for their role in the rioting, say that when that version of events hit the streets it summoned forth years of resentment against police brutality - an all too consistent complaint in the suburbs where not many white Swedish people live anymore - and against high unemployment, growing inequality, dwindling opportunities. But now the unrest has spread to the western and the southern suburbs, and to other cities - Malmö, Gothenburg, Örebro - where schools, restaurants, and police stations have been set on fire, it is decidedly dubious whether any of the original motivations remain, having been overtaken by the simple criminality of deindividuated men in masks, who enjoy it and think they can get away with it.

So is there something rotten in the state of Sweden? The scale of the riots cannot be compared to Paris in 2005 or to London two years ago, which eventually took hold far outside the capital. No one has been killed, and almost no one injured. The little suburb of Husby is a pretty place, built for rich white Swedes who have almost all left. It is incomparable to Tottenham’s Broadwater Farm estate, the ground zero of the London riots...........

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