Friday, May 24, 2013

The Muslim chairman of Building Bridges is criticizing Nick Griffin for paying tribute to the slain soldier of Woolwich ....

yup  believe it folks !!!  That's the way the wind blows in the United Kingdom of Great Britian.  Right now it's hard to believe that the British were actually part of the victorious army that defeated  Hitler !!
Imagine the chutzpah of this fucking Muslim man to criticize a  British man for doing what is the right thing to do  in a time like this.  Only cowards and cowed down non-entities  would take such insults and lectures without doing something drastic about this deplorable situation.  The UK is gone to the dogs for good.

From ITV News:
British National Party leader Nick Griffin has been among those paying their respects to murdered soldier - a move criticised as "provocative" by an anti-racist organisation.

Akbar Khan, chairman of Building Bridges, said:

It is a provocative action by Nick Griffin to go to the place where this young soldier was murdered. All Muslims have come out and condemned this act of violence.

Given the serene and sad atmosphere prevailing in the country, because of this person's death, he is being very cynical and exploiting the raw nerves for his benefit, and we say it is just and fair that there should be no politics over dead bodies.

Whoever is involved in this kind of activity needs to look very carefully at what that person is doing.

We need to be calm and deal with it in a mature and responsible manner.

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