Friday, May 17, 2013

Scotland's left-wing media mafia

We knew from years ago when Scotland released the Libyan bomber  that they had gone over to the evil side, didn't we?  We knew they had turned a sharp Left and when that happens the only outcome, sooner or later,  is a headlong crash on a steep and perilous road of stupidity.  The Left is now ganging up on the one guy who might be able to save  Britain ... Nigel Farage.

Tom Gallagher writing at TheTelegraphUK:
....Nigel Farage has been discovering the hard way that politics in Scotland is often a rough business. He put the phone down on the BBC Good Morning Scotland programme on Friday morning, believing the reporter's line of questioning displayed the xenophobia that had led to him being barricaded in an Edinburgh pub just around the corner from the Scottish parliament, the evening before.
It might be some consolation for the British nationalist to know that he is in step with a lot of Scots. Radio 4’s Today has at least as many listeners in Scotland as Good Morning Scotland. Shrill presenters and amateur programme-making has led to a mass desertion of listeners despite the quickening pace of politics as Scotland decides whether to opt for a post-British future.

Scottish broadcasting recoils from free-wheeling debate. Not a few of its top managers and interviewers have been recruited from the world of Left student activism which provided part of the flash mob that bore down on Farage in central Edinburgh. Nostrums about more Europe, the necessity for a big state, and the joys of untrammelled multiculturalism shape the contours of discussion. A Scottish David Starkey or a Jeremy Clarkson would soon be wanted men if they broke through the tartan media curtain.

The Scottish broadsheets produced from Glasgow and Edinburgh, the Herald and the Scotsman, are in an even sorrier state than the local BBC. Their circulation has nosedived in the last 20 years. Tiny numbers of Scots have access to them on a daily basis. Both rely on a core Left readership, especially the Herald, once the voice of the West of Scotland bourgeoisie. Iain MacWhirter is the Herald’s chief political columnist. This former BBC correspondent was until recently Rector of Edinburgh University. He has devoted much ink to painting Ukip and its Eurosceptic cause in lurid colours ever since it broke into front-rank British politics on 2 May.

The Scottish Daily Mail exceeds the combined circulation of these two newspapers, which may have to merge if they .......

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