Wednesday, May 29, 2013

RIP Yara Abbas

Brave young TV correspondent  met her end at the hands of terrorists in Syria.


  1. Besides being a government supporter, perhaps they targeted her for having the gall in not covering her hair. It does take much to get killed by these remorseless psycho goons.

    1. You missed the "not" in the last sentence....but I got your drift. This young girl's mother I believe has had a complete breakdown..and I doubt she will ever fully recover from it. I sympathize with her. Parents are not supposed to bear the grief of seeing their children die before them. No matter what the US media and those who want Assad out tell us, the fact remains that Syria used to be a secular country before the powers-that-be sat in a conference room and decided to destroy Assad and the country.

    2. Yeah, I just noticed I missed the 'not' as I read my note before reading yours.
      The other example I was thinking about is the one you posted just before this one, where guys who just wanted a shave were targeted.


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