Saturday, May 18, 2013

Who started the ball rolling in successful trials culminating in putting Muslim scumbags behind bars in the UK?

Crown prosecutor Nazir Afzal of Pakistani heritage, that's who.  A British citizen of Pakistani heritage proved that he had more guts than the  lily-livered white Britishers.  Tell the truth, shame the devil.  The British culture of political correctness in the face of minorities is what has brought that country to the near-destruction we see today.

Sean Thomas writing at TheTelegraphUK.  (This journalist has a  cockeyed view about Nick Griffin.  Idiot thinks Nick Griffin is a racist and that view comes across pretty clearly in his writing.  I haven't posted those relevant paragraphs )

.... Sometimes, amidst the bleakness, it is important to acknowledge that a few people did the right thing. In the hideous example of the Oxford gang rape case, which ended yesterday in the conviction of seven Pakistani and Somalian men for “sexual torture” of girls as young as 11, one of those people is a Muslim prosecutor......

...........Why did Afzal succeed where others feared to tread? Afzal himself says: "My Pakistani heritage helped cut through barriers within the black and minority ethnic communities, And white professionals' oversensitivity to political correctness and fear of appearing racist may well have contributed to justice being stalled.”

There are others with reason to feel a certain grim vindication today: Ann Cryer, the one-time Labour MP for Keighley, and journalists such as Andrew Norfolk and Julie Bindel, have all drawn our attention, over the years, to what was happening in our cities.

There's one more figure who played an important role in this saga. As long ago as 2001, Nick Griffin, the leader of the BNP, was making claims about Asian grooming gangs. In 2004 he repeated these allegations in a speech clandestinely recorded by the BBC for a TV documentary, Secret Agent. He was arrested and charged with inciting racial hatred.
Which is exactly what he was doing, of course. He was making his allegations to stir up ethnic strife.....

... No doubt Griffin feels vindicated today: for telling the truth before anyone else. And yet, paradoxically, it was his thuggish intervention that gave society another excuse to ignore the scandal. And thus the abuse continued.......

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