Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Tim Bosma found dead, body burnt

The lawyer for one of the accused, aviation company CEO, 27-year old Dellen Millard, told reporters that his client is "100% not guilty."  Yeah right !!!  Lawyers !!

RIP Tim Bosma.  May your family have the inner strength to get through this horrendous period in their lives.

This should also serve as a warning to others who advertise to either sell or buy their stuff and meet strangers in strange places or  open their homes for strangers to walk into.  You never know what kind of monsters are lurking around disguised as decent human beings.  Opt to meet in public places to buy or sell your second hand stuff.  Gone are the days when people were just ordinary, decent people.

From CBC News:
....Tim Bosma, the Hamilton man  who was the subject of an intense search after he went missing while taking two men out on a road-test of his truck, has been found dead, Hamilton police said today.
On Tuesday morning, police Chief Glenn De Caire told a news conference that burned human remains have been found.
De Caire said police "require more time" as they continue to search for "those responsible for Tim's death. We will continue to follow every single lead."......
...Dellen Millard, the man charged by  Hamilton police in connection with the disappearance of Tim Bosma, made the headlines in 1999, with a story fitting for a teenager from an aviation family.
On his 14th birthday, he became the youngest Canadian to pilot solo both a helicopter and an airplane on the same day.
Millard's grandfather, Carl, was a Canadian aviation legend. He started his own charter airline in 1954, Rob Seaman wrote in Wings Magazine in 2005. Before that, Carl had been a pilot for Tran-Canada Airlines, which became Air Canada.

From SUN News
....Tim Bosma has been found dead.
In a Tuesday morning press conference, Hamilton police Chief Glenn De Caire said police have recovered his remains and they appear to have been burned.
Bosma, 32, vanished after taking two men on a test drive in his truck for sale on May 6.
Dellen Millard, 27, has been arrested in the case, so far facing charges of forcible confinement and theft over $5,000.....
27-year-old man accused in the   A  mysterious disappearance of Ancaster’s Tim Bosma has so far not co-operated with investigators, but his lawyer maintains he is innocent.
Deepak Paradkar told reporters Monday his client, Dellen Millard, is “100% not guilty.”
“This is very out of character for him,” the lawyer said, adding the accused has no criminal record.....


  1. I fully expected Bosma to be found dead. Most defense lawyers are amoral scum. Sure wish we had the balls to still have the death penalty and the balls to swiftly carry it out. Though a change of topic, look how long it took to deport a muslim terrorist. Justice slow is justice denied. The the mealy mouth leftists and politicians in general are spineless, gutless yellowed bellied cowardly barking dogs.

  2. Opps, I screwed up that maxium, should have been
    'Justice delayed is justice denied'

    1. Yup, I agree wholeheartedly that we should have not done away with the death penalty. That's the only way the victim's family can be appeased by a true and sensible law, in my opinion. Sadly, the new world order as we see it today, thinks more about the feelings of murderers and their well being than the grief and helplessness the victim's loved ones are thrown into.


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