Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Police State Canada

Are you surprised that Harper and his Cons could cook up this legislation?  
There's a saying from the people my maternal gran came from. The translation in English goes somewhat like this: "Looks of an angel has the deeds of a devil." 

Justin Ling writing at NationalPost:
....Cyberbullying law  would let police ‘remotely hack into computers, mobile devices, or cars’

The Harper government’s new cyberbullying legislation includes little-noticed provisions that would allow police to remotely gain entry to computers and track cellphone users’ movements, privacy experts warn.

Bill C-13, being studied by the House of Commons justice committee this week, is described by the Conservatives as cyberbullying legislation, but will dramatically expand the reach of police, giving them “the power to remotely hack into computers, mobile devices, or cars in order to track location or record metadata,” according to the director of the Canadian Civil Liberties Association.

Cara Zwibel told Members of Parliament that the changes were “inappropriate.”

Experts say police would be able to install viruses, or malware, into the electronics of anyone suspected of a crime, after gaining judicial approval. The bill expands the definition for “tracking device” and adds the concept of a “transmission data recorder” into the Criminal Code.

The Department of Justice wouldn’t comment on the changes, saying only that “the question of whether one type of software or another could be used is more of an operational consideration.”

At present, if police want a suspect’s data, .........

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