Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Just like we suspected .... USA is behind the Venezuelan uprising ...

Update:  I had the wrong info on background of Daniel Patrick Welch. The link is corrected.

just like the USA is behind in almost all other countries that has ever had an uprising in South America. Apparently, destroying South America is not enough for the USA. USA started the uprising in Syria, in Libya, in Egypt, and  (fill in the blank with any country in the world) and chances are you are gonna is right on target.

Meddle here,  meddle there, meddle everywhere.  Kill here, kill there, kill everywhere. American leaders and their immediate circle of cronies have become the worst psychopaths  ever. 

Listen carefully to what Welch says about American funded "death squads" .... which now makes me wonder if Boko Haram is also in the pay of America. Anything is possible when a country has gone full rogue on other countries of the world and has enticed gang members like Canada, UK and others to rampage and pillage along with it.

Daniel Patrick Welch gives an interview in which he reveals a whole lot of info. 

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