Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Good news for mutants worldwide

If  there is a British embassy or a British consulate in the country that's not recognizing your mutant status and you want to tie the knot with another mutant .... make a mutant line to the Brits' open arms.  They officiate all mutant marriages..... but you will have to find a Brit mutant to be your partner.  Start the search. Make a "marriage of convenience" and migrate to Britain.  Ready-set-GO !!  Best of luck!

From TruNews:
....Same sex marriages   can take place in the British consulates of more than 20 countries where the ceremonies are not legal including Russia, Azerbaijan, Serbia and Hungary.
The Foreign Office has opened the doors of its missions to British nationals and their partners who wish to wed but are unable to under foreign laws.
Chris Bryant, the former Foreign office minister and openly gay Labour MP, said he hoped the move would be “celebrated” in countries like Russia where homosexuals face prejudice and persecution.........

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