Sunday, September 29, 2013

So ironic, isn't it?! France is fighting same breed of terrorists in Mali that it arms in Syria.

All we need for evidence to prove that the world has gone totally, irredeemably insane is to look at world leaders and their actions.  Look at Obama, look at Cameron, look at Hollande, look at Harper, look at Netanyahu  ... and we have no option but to come to the sad conclusion that our Earth does not have an ounce of hope to escape the Caliphate.  Keep white sheets handy for making flags to indicate your surrender to the black flag of the cult of islam.

From AlJazeera:
Four suicide bombers have blown themselves up   at an army barracks in northern Mali, killing two civilians in an upsurge in violence against the military since the failure of peace talks with rebel groups.
The bombers let off explosives on Saturday in a car in front of an army camp in the desert city of Timbuktu, also wounding six soldiers, the government said, just 24 hours after troops in the rebel bastion of Kidal were hurt in a grenade attack.
"This cowardly attack resulted in the death of six people, including two civilians and four fighters who were killed on the spot. The explosion resulted in extensive damage," the government said in a written statement, according to AFP news agency.
Witnesses said the suicide bombers detonated their vehicle near the Malian army camp in Timbuktu, killing both occupants of the vehicle and two passers-by.
"The city was shaken by a loud explosion followed by the crackling of machine-gun fire," Fatoumata Cisse, whose house is near the military camp said by telephone........

From TradeArabia:
...French President Francois Hollande suggested for the first time on Thursday that Paris could arm Syrian rebels in a "controlled framework,"....
.... Paris has so far provided non-lethal aid ranging from bullet-proof vests, night-vision goggles or communications equipment. Its main focus has been helping to structure the Free Syrian Army's leadership, providing training to rebels in Jordan as well as sharing intelligence.... 
....Hollande has over the past week held meetings in Paris with senior Saudi Arabian and Qatari officials, two countries that already supply weapons to the rebels, and has vowed to increase military support to help change the balance of power on the ground.
The leader of the Free Syrian Army, Salim Idriss, who has called for the international community to provide his forces with heavy weapons, is due in the French capital next week to meet defence and intelligence officials....

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