Friday, September 20, 2013

Amazing how Egypt is behaving like I would have liked Canada to

Let's hope Egypt keeps this up.  Wow!!
As for Canada, it's dhimmified  with political correctness.  Ugh!!

From AhramEnglish:
....Two Al Jazeera Egypt staffers arrested  for 'illegal possession of transmission equipment'.  
Two staffers at Al Jazeera's Egyptian channel Al Jazeera Mubashr Misr have been detained for allegedly possessing illegal transmission equipment, according to a judicial statement.

They were arrested at an Al Jazeera Mubashr Misr office in Cairo's Agouza district on Thursday and ordered to be detained for four days pending investigations. Authorities also seized "unlicensed" equipment.

Prosecutors said they were informed that Al-Jazeera Mubashr Misr was "broadcasting news from three apartments in Agouza using unlicensed cameras, encryption, broadcast and telecommunication equipment."
Taher Saad and Hammam Mazen, a Palestinian, are accused of possessing and operating wireless equipment and broadcasting audiovisual content without required licenses.

Al Jazeera's offices in Cairo have been closed since 3 July, when they were stormed by security forces hours after Morsi was toppled. The channel has transferred much of its broadcast equipment to Qatar..........

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