Monday, September 30, 2013

Turkey anxious to join the ranks of cavemen countries into regressive oblivion

Turkey's turkey has introduced  a draft  on new "democratic" reforms that will do away with the existing ban on Muslim headscarves at public institutions.  I wonder why it took him this long.  Turkey is a Muslim country ... and hasn't he seen that the supposedly Judeo-Christian countries of the West, including our wonderful Canada,  has no ban on Muslim women wearing not only their headscarves but full-fledged black tents in every nook and corner.... so the guy must be thinking " If  non-Muslim countries allow my sisters to wear and don  Muslim dress,  who am I  to restrict them.  Fuck the old laws as laid down by my predecessor. Let my sisters break free by imprisoning themselves into  black tents."    

From Itar-Tass:
New democratic reforms    announced on Monday by Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan will remove the ban on wearing Muslim headscarfs in public institutions and make it possible to teach at schools in foreign languages. The package of democratic reforms that has a strategic meaning for the government is currently a draft bill and will be submitted to Turkey’s parliament in October.
The liberalization in the field of languages concerns private schools, which will be allowed to teach in different languages dialects used in Turkey. In addition, Erdogan announced the authorities’ decision to allow political propaganda not only in Turkish, which contradicts the current legislation.
Turkish Prime Minister claims the government's decision to lift the ban on wearing headscarves in public institutions will be legalized. Although since the founding of the republic women in headscarves are not allowed in state offices, a significant fraction of civil servants are violating this rule in recent years.

The reforms also include criminal liability for obstruction of religious worship and observance of traditions. "We are introducing the punishment of one to three years in prison for those who oppose the image of a person's life based on his beliefs or faith," Erdogan said.
The Prime Minister paid special attention to plans to reform the electoral system. He noted that this issue still needs to be discussed, in particular, the issue of the percentage threshold required for entering parliament. At present, it is 10%, however, Erdogan suggested to lower it to 5%, or to abandon such practice. "We can leave the current system, but we offer three options for discussion," he said.

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