Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Sex Jihad sanctioned by Obama and Washington?

Anything is possible.  Once you go down that road of no return, evil rules.  If America is supporting the "opposition to Assad"  and having that thirst for Assad's blood, then it stands to reason that America and America's allies are also supporting "sex jihad".   
Yes ...imagine that,  the Muslim book of lies has a reason and rule which works out in their favor, for each and every evil under the sun.  They prostitute their young daughters (like in the case above) and tell the girls that the sex jihad means all their sins will be forgiven and they will go to allah pure and good.  Sick, sick, sick!!

If this is pro-Assad propaganda, then that young girl in the vid should get the 2013 Oscar for best actress. 

There has been news lately of Tunisian girls going to Syria for "sex jihad" and coming back to Tunisia pregnant with little jihadis.  What a sick, horrible, disgusting cult and the West accepts this cult as religion???
What is wrong with our thinking?

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