Monday, September 30, 2013

Sednaya (Saidnaya) another Christian stronghold in Syria on verge of falling into hands of terrorists backed by Judas countries

May the worst kind of misfortune fall on those near and dear to Obama, Cameron, Hollande and on the near and dear of all  other leaders who are the architects of the destruction of Christians and Christianity in Syria.   What goes around comes around, if not today then some other day.  An injustice done to one Christian is injustice done to all.

From Fides:
Missiles on the churches, battle Sednaya, the historic seat of Christianity  reports email article.
Damascus (Agenzia Fides) - Increase from day to day concerns of the Syrian Christians: after Maalula village north of Damascus invaded by jihadist groups, is at risk sednaya, another Christian village in the north of Damascus, "the beating heart of Syrian Christianity" , home to many monasteries and churches of different denominations and historic place of pilgrimage. Also continuing targeted attacks against churches: as learned from Fides, yesterday we were hit two, and Yabroud Hassaké. "Never in the history of Syria we recorded these sacrilegious attacks and sectarian. 

The Syrians would not do that, are attacks on foreign groups and this is a danger for us Christians. We continue to pray for peace, following the path traced by Pope Francis, "says saddened by Fides greek Catholic Patriarch Gregory III Laham. 

According to the story of the Patriarch, yesterday on the outskirts of the village of Sednaya there was an armed conflict between unidentified armed groups, who were trying to infiltrate into the city, and the locals. A young greek-catholic was killed. The population of sednaya and terrified, remembering what happened to Maalula. 

Yesterday four missiles hit the Catholic Church of Saint George in Yabroud, causing serious damage to the dome and the pastoral-catechetical center. The Melkite Archbishop Jean-Arbach Abdo, who oversees the church, went to the scene to assess the damage and comfort the faithful scared. In the night, as reported to Fides by local sources, an Orthodox church was burned to Hassake, while two days ago Islamist groups have desecrated two churches in Raqqa, removing crosses and sacred images. The Christians of Raqqa, explains to Fides the Syrian Orthodox priest Fr. George Boulos, were forced to flee, mainly to Hassake and Qamishli, and are victims of a "religious discrimination." In the Raqqa - where he was kidnapped Jesuit Fr. Paul dall'Oglio - there are fierce clashes between Islamic groups that are fighting each other. The 'Islamic State of Iraq and Syria, "fighting" Jubhat explaining the "Free Syrian Army units and cons (FSA). "It 'a conflict for power and money," notes the priest. 

Speaking to Fides, a veteran of the FSA notes: "For us, it becomes impossible would protect the most vulnerable, such as religious minorities. In some places we want to be helped also by the regular army, because we have seen the barbaric killings. " According to Fides sources, "the purpose of such actions against minorities is to show that it is impossible for them to live here and shatter Syria on a sectarian basis." (PA) (Agenzia Fides 09/28/2013)

From JohnSaidopoulos blog:
The Cave Chapel of the Prophet Elijah in Sednaya, Syri   Macarat village is located outside Sednaya on the outskirts of Damascus, the capital of Syria. At the village of Macarat there is a cave chapel dedicated to the Prophet Elijah (Mar Elias) which local workers had discovered in 1982. The medieval paintings in the cave chapel date from the first half of the thirteenth century and were painted by the hand of a Byzantine-Cypriot master. 

The cave is said to be the site where the Prophet Elijah escaped the forces of Jezebel, the queen of Israel, who was determined to kill him as an obstruction to her immoral reign.
The cave chapel once belonged to the Greek Orthodox Church but today it is under the control of the Melkite (Greek Catholic) Church.

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