Sunday, September 22, 2013

Province of Quebec portrays itself as a crime-free zone, but the reality is far from it

If you had a mind to visit any or all of the Quebec Police Services websites, you will come away with the firm belief that that Province is a haven for peace, harmony and goodwill  because there's hardly any media releases of any crime being committed in even their biggest cities of Montreal and Quebec City.

However, one has to see the interactive map from the CBC below to get a glimpse of  the number of homicides committed in just the greater Montreal area itself   ... and wonder anew why taxpayers are loading the Police Services there with so much moolah but  are never been provided the barest of information on how the Police Services handle what they are supposed to within the Province. There were 18 homicides from start of 2013  in the greater Montreal area... leave alone all the rapes, sexual assaults, home invasions, shootings, stabbings, beatings, bank robberies, drug crimes and whatnot ... but  Police Services of the Province of Quebec never ever bother reporting any of those  at their websites.   

The question is:  Why bother to set up websites and keep them going if you are not gonna update them with relevant news that the citizens expect from you?

Montreal homicides 2013 An interactive map of homicides in the greater Montreal area in 2013.  Updated mid August 2013.

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